Is chiropractic care safe for my kid?

Absolutely! Dr. Durham’s fun, loving demeanor puts kids at ease as he uses gentle adjustment techniques to correct any subluxation he identifies.


Do you use the same adjustments on kids as you do adults?

No. Although many of the techniques are similar, adjustments given to children are more gentle.


Why does a newborn need to be adjusted?

Great question! Although childbirth is a natural process, it can be hard on a newborn baby’s spine. Squeezing through the birth canal causes a considerable amount of stress to the baby’s spine which can cause interference within the spinal cord. If left unaddressed, this interference can have long-lasting negative health effects.


How young can a child get adjusted?

Dr. Durham was adjusted by his father on the same day he was born. A child can be adjusted as early as a few minutes after birth. Adjustments for a newborn baby can make a huge difference in optimizing the function of their nervous and immune systems from the very start.


Chiropractic care is the perfect way to start your child’s health off on the right foot and teach them the value of living a life of health and wellness. Reach out to us TODAY!

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